Modern Living Room Design

Modern style incorporates clean lines and neutral tones. Angular furniture and other pieces use the clean lines that modern style is known for. Although modern style incorporates neutral tones and clean lines, accessories can add pops of color and round lines to any room. A modern style living room is a great way to incorporate a modern style into your home.

Painting the walls a neutral, but light color is a great way to start a modern look. In general, modern style includes a lot of light in the room, so choosing a paint color that won’t make the room feel darker or smaller than it is will be a great choice. Next, picking out large pieces of furniture in neutral tones and square shapes will continue the modern feel of the room.

The floor should also be brown, white or black. This can be achieved with wood, but using linoleum will add a shiny texture to the room, which is also an essential component of modernism. A faux brick wall can be used to as a centerpiece to the room, or a way to add more clean lines. Installing a faux brick wall that matches the wall color or a similar neutral tone will add texture to the room.

Glass is a great way to add clean shapes but also a shiny surface. This can be easily obtained by incorporating a glass table or mirrors. Once your bigger pieces of the room are in place, you can start adding some intense colors. Colors can be added with painting a wall of bright color, like tangerine or lime. Also, throw pillows, rugs and other elements of the room can be incorporated to add saturated color to the room. Animal prints can also liven up the room and be incorporated easily with pillows, ottomans and rugs. Since animal prints generally have one or two neutral tones incorporated into the pattern, they can easily be added to any room.

Although the room will be bright with lighter wall colors, lamps should be slim and plain, with their lines sharp. One of the most exciting aspects of modern design is to use a piece of art or interesting piece as the central focus of the room. This piece should be placed on an empty wall to draw the eye to the painting or sculpture that you have picked out. Other empty spaces in the room can be filled with candles, vases and other pieces that have geometric or round shapes. The geometric shapes will add to the clean lines and pieces that are curvier will stand out and contrast the stark modern lines in the rest of the room.


While designing your modern living room, make sure that you choose pieces that are meaningful and aesthetically pleasing to you. The modern style is clean and neutral, but the color choices and focal point of the room can be personal choices and make the room more meaningful and warm to you. Modern style is a great way to design a larger, bright room in your house and make it complete.

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